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Megan's New Years Resolutions Must-Haves!

My January New Years Resolution Must-Haves

Alright fit-fam… I’m sure many of you jumped on the New Year’s Resolution / “New Year, New Me” train and have set fitness or health goals for yourself! Nothing like a new year to start on a new you… BUT, how many of you have realized that it takes a little more planning than just setting a goal to make dreams into actions?

I wanted to give you a list of things that help keep me motivated, accountable and on track for my goals – and I hope you can take these ideas to help inspire you to keep at it through your own journey!

#1 Fitness Tracker

  • I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with my fitness watch. Having something to track my workouts, steps, calories burned, heart rate and a variety of other items helps provide me with valuable information as I work towards my goals. I HIGHLY recommend getting one. Here are my top brands I recommend looking into:

    • Apple Watch ($$$ on the expensive side – but, also goes WAY beyond “just a watch”. If you are willing/able to make the investment, it’s one of the best).

    • Garmin

    • Polar

    • FitBit

#2 Water bottle

  • Now this might seem silly – but I know a lot of people struggle with getting their water in every day. Having something cute, secure and reusable will help ensure you can get your water in anytime, anywhere! As someone who works full time, I like something that looks nicer so that I can take it into meetings (much more work-friendly than a gallon jug). I also travel with one! You can take an empty water bottle through the airport no problem, and then fill it up on the other side before a flight!

#3 Workout Clothes

  • Whatever your fitness goal is (running, lifting, yoga, swimming, hiking, etc.) it is important that you have the right “equipment” for it. And clothing is part of that too! Investing in shoes that fit, clothes that fit and make you feel good and are functional for your activities is important! Plus – I like to use treating myself to something new as a reward, over food or drinks, so it gives me something to work towards

#4 Journal

  • Whether you use this to track your activity, reflect on the day to come, or the day you just completed, to write goals or organize plans – a journal can be a critical piece in helping keep you on track and remembering your WHY. Keep it somewhere that you know you won’t forget about it – and take a few minutes everyday to write in it, or review your action items. I love being able to go back after a goal is checked off to see all the steps I took, the things that worked or didn’t work and all the things I overcame to accomplish it afterwards. I promise this is an easy investment that you will be happy you made.

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