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ATHLETES (aka... BamBody Babes)

Hope Harper

Hope has been a BamBody customer since 2018! Her favorite Bam treat of all time are the S'mores Blondies (who can blame her!) She grew up learning how to hunt and fish with her grandpa in Nevada, and continues creating new memories each year! 

She works full time with Customer Success at Clear Capital, which is a leading valuation, analytics, and platform technology provider as one of the top five appraisal management companies (AMCs) nationwide. In addition to this, she is a posing coach for bikini competitors, where she create a completely individualized routine specific to body structure and level, and she will also devote her full attention to every posing detail to maximize her on-stage presence.

Hope has been an IFBB Bikini Pro for 4 years, and started competing in 2016, having received her pro card at the Muscle Contest NPC USA Championships in 2019 at the age of 20.  One of her favorite passions as an IFBB Pro is helping other women reach their goals and present their best on stage by working as their posing coach.

Before embarking on her body building journey, she was a cheerleader for 11 years, which included All-Star Competitive cheerleading, high school cheer & Division 1 University of Nevada, Reno Cheer. Healthy living is and will always be her first priority. She is a very driven and self motivated person that loves to set high standards for herself and chase after her goals and hopefully inspiring others along the way!


Annie Noffsinger

Annie is a runner, personal trainer and nutrition coach. She has been a runner her entire life but found a deeper love for all things health and fitness in college when she was dealing with an injury. While sidelined from running she learned the importance of strength training for not only runners but everyone!

She combined her love for health and fitness and love for helping others and started her own business Annie Kay Fitness back in 2018 after graduating college. She is now running her business full time where she is a personal trainer, running coach and nutrition coach. She loves to empower women to find that best versions of themselves where they can truly feel their best with balance! Annie believes all food is good food and nothing should be cut out to live a healthy lifestyle unless medically necessary.

EveryBODY is different and Annie believes that is what makes us all so unique. She works with others to find what works best for their body, because that looks different for everyBODY.

Annie comes from a big family who she loves very much so she travels a lot to see them! They live on the east coast where she grew up and Annie currently lives with her husband and two dogs on the west coast.

Annie is a marathoner and says two things she really loves to do is run and eat!

Annie found Bambody back in college and has not looked back. Her first order was 5+ years ago and she has been ordering consistently ever since!
She has a big sweet tooth and although she loves cake, cookies, ice cream, etc. basically any dessert, she wanted to find a lighter option to have more as a treat every day. She says she now prefers Bambody treats over the full sugar full fat treats! “They just taste better. I genuinely look forward to them every night!”

Her all time favorite treat is the blondies but Bamcakes and CinnaShred are up there! Annie says she has at least a treat a day and loves that they are a lighter option without all of the sugar but still dense with all the flavor of a regular bakery style treat! She also loves how easy they are to bring with her since she travels a lot! But she has also got her family and friends hooked so when she goes back to the east coast, the treats are at her parents too!

Annie believes in balance and truly living life to the fullest!


Celeste Rains-Turk

Celeste is an NPC Bikini competitor, host of Confessions of a Bikini Pro Podcast, best-selling self-help author of ‘Believe your way to Badass’, and a public speaker.

After struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating, & abuse of exercise she committed to overcoming her unhealthy relationship with food and her body so she could finally gain freedom and love for herself. In this process, her purpose was revealed to her and Celeste made it her mission to help others Build More than Just a Body™ too.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and during that time she immersed herself into research, reports, projects, and studies on eating disorders, body image, self-concept, mindfulness, personal growth, and other self-affect related issues. Celeste then used that ever growing passion and obtained her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

She launched into the competition world with her well-known podcast, ‘Confessions of a Bikini Pro’ to have real, raw, and vulnerable conversations with IFBB Bikini Pros to show all competitors that even the most elite professionals have their ups and downs.

This is actually how her obsession with BamBody Nutrition began! She invited Stefanie onto the show as a guest. Before the interview, she saw a special package on the porch from the brownie boss herself, a treat pack, and it was love at first bite!!!

So, Celeste dove head first into the BamBody community; attending Facebook Lives, participating in crazy giveaways, following all the BamBabes for inspiration, and sharing with everyone she possibly could (while always keeping her own secret stashes of course). Since the moment she knew the BamFam existed, she knew she wanted to be a part of it and is so grateful to be surrounded by the strong, funny, and selfless people within it.

Every time Celeste tries something new she questions if she has to pick a new favorite! She enjoys a treat almost daily and picking a favorite is nearly impossible for her. She is team Blondie (straight out of the freezer like cookie dough!) but loves an OG brownie heated up. She longs for a comeback of all the lemon treats, her very own PBJ treat, or the STP favs like Chocolate covered strawberry, pumpkin muffins, and cookies n cream.


Taeler De Haes

Taeler is a business consultant for coaches in the health and wellness space, impacting thousands across the world to turn their passion into purpose. She currently resides in Dallas.

Taeler joined the BamBody family in January 2019, and has been enjoying our treats guilt-free since 2017 (even during prep). Whether she is competing in bikini shows, stepping up to the platform or craving dessert, she hasn't gone a day without a BamBody treat since her first.

You can find her under a barbell, at a local rock show or scoping out the best burgers in town.

Picking a favorite treat is tricky. Her favorite seasonal treat is the CinnaShred Bread, which she named herself. When she's craving something chocolatey, the collagen-filled Beauty Brownies are perfect, just like fudge when pulled straight from the fridge. Her current obsession is the gluten free blondie, which you’ll love too if you’re into the gooey treats.


Kelly Newton

(The OG Athlete)

Kelly was born and raised in Monterey, California. A beautiful, yet small, coastal town. She has been a "year round" athlete since a small child, focusing on field hockey, volleyball, basketball and softball.

She met her husband in 2007, whom got her into the gym for the first time. She started working with a trainer in 2008/2009 and worked with him until he relocated. Lost without him, she switched to "at home" workouts, like Insanity by Shaun T. 

In 2014, she was inspired by her husbands competitive powerlifting journey and decided to start training with a powerlifting trainer/coach. This was the first time in her life where she "weighed" everything she ate and meal prepped based on a meal plan. She learned to LOVE lifting heavy, and actually enjoyed reading food labels and eating "clean".

Being the "All or Nothing" type, Kelly knew her body was capable of more, which is why she was drawn to bodybuilding. She started prepping for her first Bikini show at the end of Jan 2015 and competed at 2 Spectrum Fitness Production shows in the NPC Bikini Open Division (March and May). She was fortunate enough to place 2nd and 4th in Open Bikini.

Again, knowing her body was capable of more, she dabbled with the idea of moving into Figure. However, in the fall of 2015, a big move to Las Vegas and career change became the priority, and Nationals were put on the back burner.

These days, Kelly mainly focuses on BALANCE... And training because she loves it, overall health, and most importantly, FLEXIBLE DIETING! Her more-than-full-time gaming career and role with BamBody Nutrition keep her very busy, and offer very little time to keep up with the ever-evolving bodybuilding industry. Her goal is to get back to the  stage one day soon.... But for now, she is admiring the bodybuilding industry from afar.

Try Kelly's favorite treat: PEANUT BUTTER EXPRESS 


Lauren Sprinkle

Lauren was born and raised in the rocket city, Huntsville, AL. Some of her favorite hobbies growing up were tap dancing, cheering, baking and cheering on the Crimson Tide on those beautiful fall weekends! Sweet Tea and SEC baby! She also had a love for helping throughout her community, whether it be church or civic organizations. 
As Lauren entered her high school years, she developed a love for running and being fit and active. A lot of this was spurred on by her dad who has a love for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. Running became a therapeutic part of her day when getting out of school. She would love to go home and go for jogs!
As the college years approached, Lauren went to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa to pursue a degree in Marketing. She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors in Marketing and uses her degree to run her own small business, Taste of Sprinkles. Taste of Sprinkles is a craft bakery that specializes in bundt cakes of all sizes and flavors. Like Stef, she enjoys making sweet treats, except these bundt cakes are totally for your cheat days!
A little over two years ago Lauren discovered Stef and BamBody through a personal trainer who had tried the amazing BamBody treats! The first time she tried a BamBody treat she was hooked! She was so impressed with Stef and all the love and dedication she put into her business to create these healthy treats. She could totally relate because Lauren does tries to do the same with her business. 
Honestly, it is hard for Lauren to choose a favorite treat! It just depends on the day :) As of right now though, the Quick Fix has been a nightly must! And, it's hard to beat an OG brownie or blondie! 


Try Lauren's favorite treat: Quick Fix

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