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General Questions

  • Do the treats contain any whey protein?

BBN: The majority of our treats do not contain whey, dairy or soy. THE ONLY TREATS that DO contain whey are the Peanut Butter Express (it is less than 1g) and the Quick Fix Powder.

  • Do the treats contain any sugar?

BBN: Umm… Did you miss the point here? The ONLY treat that contains sugar is the S'mores Brownie which is a seasonal treat.

  • Do you offer any Gluten Free ("GF") options?

BBN: Yes! For our signature products that come in GF, please check out our ‘gluten free’ treat section. If we are sold out, check the Treat Calendar for information on restocks. In addition, our cookies, scones, cookie bites, batters and dough are also GF. 

  • Do you have any Vegan-Friendly options?

BBN: We are glad you asked! We are STOKED to bring you our new Vegan line of Protein Cookies, Brownie Batters and Cookie Dough!

  • Where can I get a discount code for my order?

BBN: You will have to stalk your favorite BamBabe Athlete Instagram and/or Facebook pages to find what their special code is. Keep in mind, it changes every month and is not valid on subscription orders.

  • What is the shelf life for the treats?

BBN: Your treats will remain fresh for fourteen (14) days AFTER receiving. Please refrigerate for at least thirty (30) min after receiving your shipment. We do recommend storing them in the refrigerator and/or freezer for prolonged freshness.

  • How should I store my treats?

BBN: It really depends on you. We have customers that prefer to leave them out on the counter, and others that refrigerate or freeze them. It comes down to personal preference. However, if you just received a large order and you know you won't go through them all in 14 days, you will want to freeze the extra to extend their life. For Instance, #BamBabe Kelly prefers hers straight from the fridge, so she always has a container or 2 in the fridge. Her husband likes them room temp, so he always has a container on the counter. Both will pull from the stock in the freezer once they get low. We hope that helps!

  • Where can I find the macros for my treats?

BBN: Check out the ‘Nutrition’ section on our website for a list of nutritional labels. You will also find labels under the individual treat page, as well as on our IG highlights!

  • How long after placing my order will my treats ship?

BBN: This all depends on the current volume of orders we are experiencing at the time. However, as a general rule of thumb, all treat orders are shipped within ten to fourteen (10-14) days after your order is placed.

  • What is a Treat Pack?

BBN: The Treat Pack is a great way to get a few of all your favorites; consider it a sampler platter! Inside a Treat Pack you will find a total of 10 treats with at least three (3) different signature flavors.

  • Can I choose what comes in my treat pack?

BBN: You cannot choose what comes in your treat pack; every treat pack is different! You can add in the comments if there are certain flavors you’d prefer not to receive... However, no specific flavors can be guaranteed.

  • How do I know what flavors will come in my treat pack?

BBN: You don’t! That’s the fun part! If you receive your treat pack and are unsure of the flavors you received, send us a picture via Instagram or FB, and we can clarify which treat flavors were in your pack.

  • Which treats contain plant oil extracts?

BBN: The Peanut Butter Express contains 3 mg of extract per treat. For more info, please email bambodynutrition@gmail.com

  • What is the Specialty Treat Pack ("STP")?

BBN: The Specialty Treat Pack is a treat pack released seasonally and is available to subscribers ONLY. It usually contains a total of ten (10) treats, with a mixture of three (3) different specialty treat flavors that are not available on our regular menu (unless otherwise stated). We have released a "full loaf" (7 slices) as a STP in the past, so be sure to follow our social media outlets to get informed on what is on deck for the next STP!

  • Is the Quick Fix a substitute for your regular brownies?

BBN: Not exactly. The “Quick Fix”, is just that—a quick fix to curb your cravings with a higher protein content and slightly more carbs than our regular brownie--but not much! This provides a more balanced macronutrient profile to use as a meal, and also gives you flexibility to add additional ingredients to create your own masterpiece! It also varies slightly in consistency, texture and flavor compared to our regular brownies. Most customers choose to order both. 

  • What ingredients do I need to make the Quick Fix?

BBN: You really only need water, and even the amount of water will vary by each individuals texture preference. However, you can get creative and add whatever you want in order to achieve the desired texture, flavor and treat style! We’ve seen customers adding Greek yogurt, egg whites or egg, baking powder, etc. We’ve seen it baked into loafs, pancakes even protein icing! The possibilities are endless. We generally release recipe ideas via our IG page on "Tasty Tip" Thursday.

  • How many servings come in each pouch of Quick Fix?

BBN: Each individual pouch is one serving.

  • Is the Quick Fix dairy-free?

BBN: No. However, it is sugar-free and gluten-free. (A perfect option for our gluten-free fan's that don't want to wait for our GF products to restock!)

  • Can you bake the Cookie Dough and/or Brownie Batters? 

BBN: You sure can! If you decide to do this, you'll want to add a rising agent like baking powder, soda, etc. For the dough, I would let the jar soften, then add baking powder, mix up, and refrigerate again. Once it re-hardens, scoop out and bake! Baking chilled dough usually helps keep the shape. For the batter, you probably don't need to make sure the batter is hard again before baking!

  • Are your products safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

BBN: Please consult with your physician.

  • My question is not listed here… How can I get help?  

BBN: For general questions about us and/or regular order questions, please email: bambodynutrition@gmail.com
For all questions regarding your subscription account, please email: subscriptions@bambodynutrition.com

Subscription Account Questions:

  • How can I set up a subscription account?  

BBN: There are a few ways to do this:
Treat Pack (Original): This is available all year long. It is a mixture of 10 treats, with 3 different varieties from our signature menu. You can choose to sign up for a subscription for any quantity and time frequency in which you desire. Do not add any more products to your order. Click on the Treat Pack link, and select "Subscribe". You will be prompted to go through the subscription details during the checkout.
Specialty Treat Pack (“STP”): This is available seasonally, and for ONE(1) DAY ONLY (usually the 1st of the month of its release). On the day it is released, locate the product on our website, add to cart and checkout. Do not add any more products to your order. You will be prompted to go through the subscription details during the checkout.
Oils: under the shop products in our main menu, choose your oil strength and select "Subscribe & Save." You will receive 10% off your oil order by selecting the  subscription option. You will be promoted to go through the subscription details during the checkout process.


  • Can I add additional treats/products to my subscription order?

BBN: No. Any additional products you want to order should be placed separately, so you can use your favorite athlete’s discount code! If products are added to the subscription order, it will create errors when it is time to renew. Do not combine your STP and Treat Pack subscriptions.


  • What if I decide that I want to skip the next subscription shipment?

BBN: We know this is hard to believe, but this does happen for various reasons, such as: You do not like the flavor selection for that season’s STP, you want to save money, you are on prep and can’t control yourself with treats around, you already have enough back stock of treats and oils, etc.
You would want to log into your subscription account PRIOR to the next shipment, as outlined below. After logging in, click manage subscriptions. From there, you will want to select “Delivery Schedule” on the left-hand side (under your name). You will see all your upcoming subscription shipments that are pending. So, from there, click “SKIP” on the subscription in which you wish to pause/skip the next shipment.
For STP Subscriptions: You would need to do this BEFORE the 1st of the month in which the STP is being released.
For Oils and/or Original Treat Pack Subscriptions: You would need to do this BEFORE the next charge date in which you selected when you added these products to your subscription.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

BBN: Yes! You can cancel or skip your subscription at any time, by managing your subscription account by logging into our website.

  • When will my subscription order ship?  For STP Subscriptions:


All STP’s will ship between the 1st and the 15th of the month in which the STP is released. For Ex: If the STP is released September 1st, we will ship all STP subscription orders (new and existing) between Sept 1stand Sept 15th. Shipping time will vary based on your location.

For Oils and/or Regular Treat Pack Subscription: This is based on the frequency you selected at checkout upon your first subscription order. For Ex: If you have chosen your regular treat pack to process every month on the 15th, you can expect your order to process and be placed in our production line on or after the 15th of that month. That does not mean it ships on the 15th but does mean it gets added to our orders to be processed. We strive to ship all orders within ten to fourteen (10-14) days of the charge processing, but that can vary based on the time of year and the volume of orders we have at that time.


Please be advised, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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