Facts About BamBody

How do we determine nutrition facts?

We use a third party, FDA approved labeling service that determine nutrition facts based on ingredients used.

Our labels pull ingredients directly into the USDA database.

Nutritional Values are an estimation based on averages.

Do you use food lab testing to determine nutritional content?

Our new ELITE line of BamBody treats include nutritional analysis based on food lab results and are updated quarterly.

We DO NOT use food laboratories to determine nutritional values of all products.

Why do you NOT use food lab analysis to determine all nutritional values?

BamBody Nutrition is a small business, in which all products are crafted by hand, and baked in large 50lb batches. Due to this, food lab testing:

• Does not take into account variation from batch to batch

• Is not required by the FDA

• Is extremely expensive for small businesses

• Manufacturer changes

FDA database nutritional values have proved to have lab testing beat; if a sample sent to the lab happens to be an outlier, it may be LESS accurate than relying on averages.

BamBody Nutrition would not be able to offer flavor variation, seasonal treats, vegan options, gluten free options, or any of the numerous incentives we currently offer our customers.

Why does the FDA NOT require products to be lab tested?

FDA understands that it would not be feasible to lab test all products which is why they have created a database using standards and estimates.

Lab testing does not take into account batch to batch variation.

Does not take into account manufacturer changes.

How will the new Elite line of BamBody Treats be different from the others?

They will be created in small batches
(This will allow for less variation from one serving to another.)

Nutritional analysis will be performed by Diebel Laboratories and updated quarterly.

What kind of sweetener do you use?

What kind of sweetener do you use?

For the majority of our products we use Lakanto monk fruit sweetener.

What kind of protein do you use?

We use a variety of different protein sources depending on the treat.

The majority of our treats use a mixture of dehydrated egg white, egg whites, and pea protein. Select products do contain whey.