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Pumpkin Delts with #BamBabe Taeler De Haes



With Pumpkin Pie flavored everything making an appearance on shelves and in your coffee, it is clearly pumpkin season. To get in the spirit, fuel up with your favorite BamBody treat, and get to work on this should workout for Pumpkin-sized Delts.



DB lateral raise - 4x20

BB overhead press - 4x8

Reverse cable fly (retract rear delts) - 4x8


Plate upright row - 3x8-10

    SS Arnold press - 3x8-10


DB overhead press - 3x10

    SS plank with a shoulder tap - 3x10



BB - Barbell 

DB - Dumbbell 

SS - Superset, meaning exercises are performed back-to-back with no rest 



Rest 60-90 seconds between each set. Work at an 8RPE, meaning you will not go to failure, but you should only be able to perform 1-2 more reps on each exercise. 

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