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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

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I’m going to start with what may be a very unpopular opinion, but... here we go anyways, Valentine’s Day is stupid.

Feels like a lot of pressure to buy someone a gift, right after we just worked our butts off trying to find them the perfect present for the holidays. Nonetheless, here we are. While all the commercials and advertisements are geared towards men and helping them get the “perfect gift” for their feminine counterparts, what about the men? WTF do you get a man?! That’s the real question. Don’t worry, I got you! Here are my top ideas for the PERFECT Valentine’s gift for him! (All of them are linked here)

1. The Perfect Scent

This is a win/win situation. It’s a gift for him, but also like a gift for you. If he has a signature cologne, look for something with similar top notes; a bottle of cologne/perfume lasts a LONG time, so don’t just re-up one you know he has. Not sure what type of fragrance he likes? I’m going to suggest vanilla, sandalwood, bergamot, thinks woodsy; I’ve dated a lot of men in my life (about to find out if my husband reads this blog… place your bets now), and these seem to be unanimous across the board. Some of my personal favorite colognes:

  • DIOR Savage

  • DIOR Savage Elixir (its so different from original Savage, and so good.)

  • AZZARO The Most Wanted Eau de parfum intense (my top pick!)

  • PRADA Luna Rossa Carbon


2. Do Something He Likes To Do, But NEVER Does

So, this one is kind of personal to your specific man, but I’ll make some suggestions anyways. Go to the batting cages, drive go-carts (but not those mickey-mouse ones, the like real fast and wild ones that you have to climb in a cage-like contraption), go to an arcade, play laser tag, go to the driving range, the possibilities here are endless.

  • After you pick your activity, get him something to go with it. For example, if you’re going to take him to the ice cream museum get him a book of the world’s top ice cream flavors and wrap it up.

3. Jewelry

I think a well accessorized man is just, oh, so sexy. I’m not talking break the bank here. Those bead bracelets or leather wrap would be the perfect wrist stack.

4. Gym Accessories:

A lot of time men don’t think of the small things that make a world of difference.

  • A legit water bottle: one with a wide opening and minimum 32oz. No straw: I feel like you never see a man using a straw.
  • Versa-Grips
  • Gym bag

5. BamBody Treats:

DUH. Did you really think this wasn’t an obvious amazing gift idea. My top “manly” flavors: Peanut Butter Express, Brownie, and Blondie. Has he never tried BamBody treats before? (I don’t blame you for not sharing) Definitely get the treat pack.

HOT TIP: Put it on a platter and pretend you made them. I won’t tell!

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