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Hit Your New Year's Goal! 🏆

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It’s New Year’s resolution time, and since we passed national Quitters Day, proud of you if you’re still going strong! We all know January is the BUSIEST time of year for people starting new plans and working on their fitness 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️(que Fergie…👟👟). If you’re one of these people, first off… YOU GO! Changing habits and creating new ones is really freaking hard, so if you’ve made it this far you are AMAZING! With that said, there isn’t only one way to achieve a goal. Whether you’re trying to lose weight ,gain weight, get healthier, run a race, whatever your goal is there is more than one path to get there. If a plan isn’t working for you, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed, a failure, or a quitter; it just means it wasn’t the answer for you! I want to give you some RED FLAG signs that it might be time to try a new plan. **These following statements are completely my opinion but have proven true in my life and career. ***

  • If your plan is: A. Too restrictive. B. Didn’t account for what your current intake/output is. C. Incorporates Foods/exercise you hate. D. Leaves you hungry. E. Isn’t doable for long periods of time.
    • These are all recipes for disaster. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to eat foods you hate… and you shouldn’t have too!! DIET is an over complicated word. DIET is simply the food you eat; ANY food you eat on a daily basis is your daily diet. THERE ARE NO MAGIC FOODS. Creating healthy habits and enjoying what you’re nourishing your body with is ESSENTIAL in creating long term results. If you lose 10 pounds in a month and then gain 20 pounds within a month of ending your “diet”, was it really worth it??? To me, ABSOLUTELY NOT!
  • You think about food all the time. A good diet leaves you satisfied and content. If you’re thinking about food as soon as you finish your meal, something is not right.
  • You’re always tired. A. Whether it’s not enough food for you, not enough of a certain nutrient, or something else, a good plan should leave you feeling energized and ready to go! B. Only having enough energy to do your required tasks reduces NEAT. Doing 30 minutes of cardio you burn… maybe… 300 calories. If you spend the rest of the day sitting, napping, doing as little movement as possible you are surely burning less calories than you would living your usual day; walking the dog, cleaning up, playing a game, whatever things people do these days… THEY ALL BURN CALORIES and most likely add up to weigh more than that one extreme session.

BamBody’s first ever slogan was, “taking the DIE out of DIET.” Why? Because it DOESN’T BELONG!!!! You should love the foods you eat and. They should love you back!

Trying something new doesn’t mean you’re a failure, on the contrary! It means you are truly dedicated to reaching your end goal, in the way that is best FOR YOU!

Speaking of DIETS… any BamBody treat is a PERFECT partner for hitting those your goals! Who's ready to FINISH STRONG???

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