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I am always watching a show. I could lie to you and tell you I always end my nights by reflecting on my day, some sort of breath work, getting rid of all the blue light and curling up with a good book before I drift to sleep at a prompt 9:30pm so I can get my full 7-8hrs of sleep. That would be the biggest lie EVER; pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to finish the entire story before laughing hysterically at how that is SO NOT ME!

I’m going to take this moment to remind you that just because you don’t do what your fav social media platform tells you to do, doesn’t mean that you’re not doing what YOU need to do, or what works for you.

No matter how late it is, I always watch a show with my husband at night because no matter what happened during the day, that is our time to get lost in mindless TV and not worry about anything else… except maybe the dead body, missing person, or some love story with twists and turns.

Stefanie’s Top Streaming Picks:

**I’ve grouped these 3 shows together because they all are based on the same story, just different times in the story. The platform is provided by Ramiro Antorcha because he controls the remote and I have no idea how we’re watching it or where to find it. I’m not including below the obvious binge worthy shows like:

  • You (Netflix)
  • The Last of Us (HBOMax)
  • Emily in Paris (Netflix) **If you’re not eating a blueberry scone while watching this… order one now.

Yellowstone (Paramount Network)
1883 (Paramount Plus)
1923 (Paramount Plus)

A cowboy story throughout different time periods where you get family, love, tragedy, pretty
much anything you’re looking for. I love a series where you get invested in the characters. I think about them, I root for them, I care about them. Some of them you hate then grow to love, and others you hope the best/worst for. I’m obsessed!

Pairs well with: Peanut Butter Express; I’m not sure exactly what it is, maybe the tan color or salty yet sweet taste, but it’s what I picture a cowboy eating while mounted on a horse and enjoying a mountainous view.

Wrong Side of the Tracks (Netflix)

Trigger warning! There are some sensitive issues in this show, drugs, sex, basically everything and it’s a foreign show (I know some of us have a hard time with dubbed shows), but the characters are SO good; like, SO GOOD! I’m obsessed with Grandpa and wish he was my grandpa. If you like drama, thrillers, and suspense this is going to be for you!

Pairs well with: Brownies. It’s the OG treat, very straight forward in what you’re getting and edgy just like Grandpa.


Tulsa King (Paramount)

Silvester Stallone… I don’t need to say anything else. It’s absolute perfection. He starts a new mafia crew in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after being released from prison.

Pairs well with: Elite Brownie. The Glutamine is really important for Dwight (Stallone) as he needs to recover fast to be prepared for whatever comes at him. Don’t tell his enemies, but he also has a sensitive tummy and gluten allergy making the Elite Brownie the perfect choice.

Dynasty (Netflix)

This is a solo show for me, because sometimes you need something that is just yours… and it’s not really my husband’s fav genre. Dynasty is like a new gossip girl. The fashion, drama, twists and turns, luxury, it’s amazing and I’m obsessed! It’s a long running show, I can only assume from the CW, so if you start from season 1 you have A LOT to catch up on before you’re looking for your new guilty pleasure.

Pairs well with: Treat Pack. My Dynasty friends like options and the ability to have what they want, when they want. One flavor just wouldn’t do… they need a piece of all of them.

These are the top picks I’ve got for now, if I missed something I should absolutely watch drop me a comment on IG and hook a fellow treat lover up!!!

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