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Think of a rich Chocolate Chip Cookie, but in a bar form! This rich, sweet treat is similar to our regular brownies but substitutes a decadent vanilla flavor instead of a chocolate base. We are told it tastes just like chocolate chip cookie dough! We agree :)

1 Dozen per package; 62g per serving- 18g Protein per


The Original (OG) BamBody treat... A fudgy, rich chocolate lovers dream... Our Signature Brownie has a brownie base with stevia chocolate chips throughout.

1 Dozen per package; Serving size is 62g- 17g Protein per



Got cookie dough? 🍪🍪 We do!!! Yes, that’s right eatable dough meant to eat out of a jar!

Not only is this product plant-based🌱 and sugar-free, but it is perfectly safe to eat straight from the jar. So grab a spoon 🥄 and prepare yourself, because this isn’t normal cookie dough, it’s BamBody Cookie Dough!!



We are so proud to bring such an awesome flavor to your spoon!

Plant-based🌱 and sugar-free, but it is perfectly safe to eat straight from the jar like our other doughs!

ALLERGY WARNING: some items may contain nuts, soy, egg, gluten. While most products are GLUTEN AND SUGAR-FREE, not all are… If you have specific allergies or dietary restrictions please email us at bambodynutrition@gmail.com
Macros are an estimation as these are baked goods and some product is lost or may shift in the baking process

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