CBD-Infused Peppermint Mocha

Stressed, anxious, or just feeling inflamed and sore from your last killer workout? Don't worry because this CBD Peppermint Mocha is about to wash away all of those problems...plus, it may or may not put your favorite Starbucks drink to shame, just saying. So grab some BamBody CBD, caffeine, and a few other small ingredients, and whip up this delicious drink in a matter of minutes. 
What you'll need:
-Coffee of choice
-5-10 drops of BamBody CBD Oil (Peppermint flavor)
-1/3 cup of almond milk
-A splash of Peppermint Bark flavored Sugar-Free Skinny Syrup
-Optional: liquid stevia drops (plain or peppermint flavored)
Brew your favorite cup of coffee. Add in 5-10 drops of BamBody peppermint-flavored CBD oil (the more drops, the more dominant in peppermint taste the drink will be) a splash of Peppermint Bark Skinny Syrup, and additional liquid stevia drops. **Skinny Syrups can be found at Home Goods or TJ Maxx. Froth almond milk in a separate cup until nice and foamy. Carefully pour the frothed almond milk over coffee. Top with crushed up peppermint candies or enjoy as is. Pair this delicious drink with your favorite BamBody treat and enjoy! 

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